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One of the things you will worry about on your wedding day is the weather, and if it is night on impossible to know what to do about it. A Pashmina will help to ease the worry. On a cold day you can get from the car to the service elegantly, without ruining the look of your wonderful dress and without freezing. Your Pashmina can be dropped forgetfully on arrival at the service, and then it is perfect for after the service, to wrap luxuriously around your shoulders while waiting for the photographer to sort out all of your guests. A Pashmina is incredibly versatile, so although it might seem an extravagant accessory on such an already expensive day, it can be worn in many ways after the wedding. And it will always be a wonderful reminder of the best day of your life.

YOU & YOUR WEDDING PASHMINA: - Perfect to wrap elegantly around yourself, to get from the car to the service. Without crushing or hiding your beautiful wedding dress, it will stop you from shivering with cold, but we can't guarantee that it will stop you shivering from nerves. A luxurious way to keep warm when you are waiting for the photographer to get everyone in place. They always seem to take forever. Stunning as the finishing touch to your going away outfit. Handy for on the 'plane on your way to your honeymoon. You will have your very own First Class blanket. Moonlit honeymoon strolls along the beach will be even more heavenly if you can keep your suntanned shoulders protected from the sea breeze. Incredibly seductive, worn with nothing else, wrap yourself in your Pashmina, and just wait for your new husband to come to bed. Nights at home, looking at your wedding photos, will be even more romantic if you can both snuggle up under your Pashmina. Keep it by the sofa. And when you finally have to come back to earth, wear your Pashmina casually knotted as a scarf on chilly days. It will remind you of the fantastic time you have had. If, as the bride, you don't feel the need for a Pashmina, these shawls are a wonderful way of adding a splash of colour to your wedding day. Your bridesmaids could wear Pashminas to pick out a colour from your bouquet, or to match the groom's tie. And with over 80 stunning colours to choose from we are sure there will be something you love.

Every bridesmaid would be thrilled to keep her Pashmina as her "Thank You" present and memento of the day, as recommended in You & Your Wedding January/February 2000. Mums and Mums-in-law would also be delighted to receive a Pashmina as their special gift. Pick out a bright colour, to cheer them up, now that you have flown the nest!



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